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Refill a


refill Prescription
A SIMPLE, SAFE, and CONVENIENT medication process.

With our refill prescription service, your medication schedule can be customized according to your needs. We will automatically send you scheduled delivery reminders if your medication is low or out of stock, and your medication will be securely packaged to the highest standard. Additionally, our team will ensure you receive your medication at the correct time and in the correct dose, no matter where you are.

Follow these 4 easy steps to refill your prescription:

Step 1: Click “Refill prescriptions” and upload your prescription image.

Step 2: Enter the correct information in the Clinical Diagnosis, Medical Specialist, Clinical Center, and Referral sections.

Step 3: Include special delivery instructions and a detailed description of the product (if any).

Step 4: Click on “refill prescription” and that's it.

Always remember to contact us for any prescription changes.
Make sure not to crop out any part of the image when uploading a prescription.

For assistance and enquiries, contact us:

Phone Number: +2348134860237

Email Address: info@megacare.ng

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